s2Member Framework: WordPress Membership Plugin

s2Member Framework: WordPress Membership Plugin

If you are looking for one of the best membership plugins in the WordPress forum, you have found s2Member Framework. nbsp; This may be the last membership plugin you will ever need.

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s2Member Framework: WordPress Membership Plugin 140921

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Version 140921

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Date added: 11 Aug 2013

Last Update: 21 Sep 2014

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s2Member Framework is the Best WordPress Membership Plugin I've Seen

admin Version Reviewed 130802 on: 14 Aug 2013

First, I would describe the s2MemberFramework as the most versatile and powerful plugin for Wordpress membership management. This wordpress membership plugin integrates flawlessly with PayPal Standard Buttons with complete support for one time billing or frequent billing. Not only this, s2MemberFramework comes enhanced with the ability to keep a track on affiliate commissions at frequent intervals. s2Member also supports custom pages to facilitate effective registration including account access and Custom Registration.

s2Member WordPress Membership Basics.
If you purchase the Professional version with more features or decide the free version with many features performs to your standards, you are presented with lots of tutorials. The introduction videos and tutorial cover both free and paid versions of s2Member framework. However, the free version lacks some functions that come integrated with Pro version. Popular as s2Member Framework and s2member Pro, you can easily make out the differences between the two. To be more precise, s2Member is a membership plugin that lets you manage memberships of your website(s), while securing content as well as downloadable files. Besides this, you can also integrate many payment systems, track affiliates, and manage affiliate programs.

s2Member tackles with WordPress roles.
Users can customize this membership plugin the way they want; even the design of registration entirely depends upon you. They can also add custom fields to the design. This membership plugin for Wordpress supports open registration as well. With s2Member Framework, you can have unlimited access to membership levels. Not only this, but you can also customize each level on the basis of your liking; simply by adding or eliminating capabilities.
Only people in quest of free version prefer s2Member Framework over s2Member Pro, as upper limit of the latter is only for paid membership levels. And, the same is applicable for competence of membership levels. s2Member Framework sometimes give you an opportunity to make the most of paid custom capabilities while Pro version lets you capitalize on free ones. Users can also create accounts on your own and set up once-in-a-lifetime offers the moment members log in.
Content Access Control
The s2Member Framework restricts your access to WordPress pages, categories, and posts including content and URLs only if you choose it as the administrator. You can even adjust “Buy Now” tags to a specific post or page. In addition, you can get exclusive security encryption key, which normally comes with installation.

File Download Protection.
s2Member Framework protects downloadable files, as it enables you to set restrictions like membership levels or custom capabilities. The wordpress membership plugin is incorporated with Amazon Cloudfront and Amazon S3, the former of which automatically configures. s2Member Framework also helps you protect audio as well as video streaming. It even stores protected files close by. s2Member Framework also supports Flowplayer and JW Player for streaming.

Other amazing Features.
s2Member Framework  is compatible with bbPress and BuddyPress that can be used for creating WP social network or forums. Users can make the most of WP multi-site networking knack with this membership plugin. However, one must have “s2Member Network Support license” to conclude the number of those knacks or make sub-sites available for particular members. s2member Framework is also crammed with a horde of superior features to help developers get the most from it. With number of customers worldwide, there are now intelligent open-community and comprehensive documentation to help you learn more.
Hopefully, you can now know whether this wordpress membership plugin is worth selecting or not and if you take the time to learn it, you will appreciate the effectiveness of this Membership plugin as I have.

If you are looking for one of the best membership plugins in the wordpress forum, you have found s2Member Framework. This may be the last membership plugin you will ever need.  With a continued updating service, great support, and a huge community on the forums, you will always have some sort of technical help if you need it.

s2Member Framework is a completely free open source software that has numerous options. The installation is easy and quick. After the installation, you are encouraged to review the Quick-Start Guide with lots of video tutorials.

s2Members Framework Plugin is a completely secure plugin designed to protect your content, posts, pages, and other important information from the general public. This WordPress Plugin gives you the option of creating a members only website where only they can access certain information. Members are able to review restricted pages, view videos not available to the general public, and download files they have purchased.

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Pro (Single-Site License).

Pro (Unlimited-Site License)

(s2Member Pro) Compatibility, WordPress® v3.6 Updating s2Member® Pro Form templates and their underlying CSS. This update improves their appearance against the Twenty Thirteen theme that comes with WordPress® v3.6. Specifically, some of the Pro Form buttons were a little out of place in this new default theme. Fixed in this release.

(s2Member Pro) Compatibility, Checkout Options Revision 3. Updating this feature to support a wider variety of WordPress® configurations and content filters. This update also resolves an empty desc="" attribute error reported by some site owners. Feature description... It is now possible to build dropdown menus offering your customers a variety of options using a Single Pro Form. This is accomplished quite easily using Shortcodes. For full details and examples, please check this section of your Dashboard in the latest release. See: s2Member® -› PayPal® Pro Forms -› Wrapping Multiple Shortcodes as "Checkout Options". NOTE: this works for PayPal® Pro Forms, and ALSO for Authorize.Net Pro Forms.
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Watch the video for s2Member Framework: WordPress Membership Plugin:

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