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"Black Lives Matter", "All Lives Matter", "Cops Lives Matter"

Let's face it, all lives matter, including the police that protect us. Stop the senseless killing.

Site Administrator 30 Aug 2015
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We are hearing from all around the country there is police brutality and a lot of it is happening in the black communities. Hundreds of thousands of people are upset about it, and thousands are protesting, but several are now targeting the police department.

I acknowledge to you and everyone else, yes "Black Lives Matter". There is unequivocal proof some police officers have targeted the black community. Yes there is unequivocal proof that some businesses have discriminated against the black community, and yes there are some races that have done great injustice to the black community. I understand the frustration you must have, maybe not to the deepest core of my body, but I can feel it.

Being a Caucasian male, I did not go through the trials and tribulations you as a black man or woman have, so I cannot fully relate. But dont think for a moment, things were just handed to me because I am white. I had to study hard, listen in school, pay my way through college to get an education (which I am deeply in dept to this day). I have been assaulted because someone simply did not like the way I appeared to them. Life is hard for many of us and for the many, we continually work for a better position in society.

I believe, for the most part, the African American Race loves its fellow races, but is at the same time very upset and is now trying to find a way to stop the violence against its people. To this point, some are now targeting the police officers in the street who are trying to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. To be a policy officer in todays society must also be very difficult.

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