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DemoHelper 1.3 screenshot
DemoHelper: Version 1.3
Here is a free software application to help create wonderful on screen presentations.
Date added:26 Jan 2013

Webinaria Record 2.0 screenshot
Webinaria Record: Version 2.0
Create video with a screen demo for your website easily and freely with Webinaria Record.
Date added:04 Aug 2012

ZoomIt 4.2
ZoomIt: Version 4.2
This update to ZoomIt, a screen magnification and annotation utility, now adjusts the drawing pen size when you enter drawing mode from live zoom to...
Date added:11 Jun 2011

Pointingstick 1
Pointingstick: Version 1
Presentation Pointer, Pointingstick, is designed for the person who needs to give accurate presentations while keeping focus on the importance of...
Date added:11 Jun 2011

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