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HTML Snapshot 2.1.2013.1111 screenshot
HTML Snapshot: Version 2.1.2013.1111
Capture webpages and convert html pages, SVG, VML to jpg, tiff and gif or bmp.
Date added:11 Aug 2010

Webpage Thumbnailer 1.7 screenshot
Webpage Thumbnailer: Version 1.7
Convert HTML files to image, generate screenshots/thumbnails of websites.
Date added:14 Sep 2010

Video Snapshot and Thumbnail Maker screenshot
Video Snapshot and Thumbnail Maker: Version
Captures movie scenes to picture files or thumbnail galleries
Date added:18 Nov 2012

Snapshot Magic Pro 1.0
Snapshot Magic Pro: Version 1.0
Captures a desktop image in just one click
Date added:28 Oct 2013

Webpage Thumbnail Creator 2/0
Webpage Thumbnail Creator: Version 2/0
Capture websites screenshot from any URL.
Date added:18 Apr 2011

SnapShot 1.0.6
SnapShot: Version 1.0.6
SnapShot is a lightweight, yet powerful, full-featured screen capture tool.
Date added:12 Jan 2011

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