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A-PDF Barcode Split Service 2.1 screenshot
A-PDF Barcode Split Service: Version 2.1
A-PDF Barcode Split Service is a windows service program to split scanned files
Date added:11 Jul 2012

A-PDF Content Splitter Service 3.1 screenshot
A-PDF Content Splitter Service: Version 3.1
A windows service program which Split PDF files based on content.
Date added:05 Jan 2011

Monitor Folder For Changes Software 7.0 screenshot
Monitor Folder For Changes Software: Version 7.0
Log changes when files are copied, created, deleted, modified or renamed.
Date added:13 Jan 2011

7art Pond Watch ScreenSaver 1.5 screenshot
7art Pond Watch ScreenSaver: Version 1.5
Feel the pulse of Mother Earth and synchronize our biorythms with it.
Date added:19 May 2012

Folder Cache 2.6 screenshot
Folder Cache: Version 2.6
Access to the recently used favorite folders from the Save and Open dialogs.
Date added:15 May 2012

Folder Hide Security Lock 1.0.2 screenshot
Folder Hide Security Lock: Version 1.0.2
Free download folder lock software hide private data with password protection
Date added:30 Apr 2012

Folder Crypt 3.6.7020 screenshot
Folder Crypt: Version 3.6.7020
Password encryption for Windows files and folders with standard algorithms.
Date added:03 May 2012

Métamorphose2 File and Folder Renamer 0.8.2 screenshot
Métamorphose2 File and Folder Renamer: Version 0.8.2
Métamorphose is a proffessional quality batch renamer for files and folders.
Date added:03 Sep 2011

Métamorphose File -n- Folder Renamer 1.1.2 screenshot
Métamorphose File -n- Folder Renamer: Version 1.1.2
Métamorphose is a proffessional quality batch renamer for files and folders.
Date added:03 Sep 2011

Folder Password Expert USB screenshot
Folder Password Expert USB: Version
Folder Password Expert USB is software designed to protect your folders.
Date added:05 Sep 2011

Get Folder Size 2.5 screenshot
Get Folder Size: Version 2.5
GetFoldersize is a software developed to easily display the size of folders and sub-folders on the harddisk.
Date added:14 Oct 2011

Sofonica Folder Soldier Free 1.3 screenshot
Sofonica Folder Soldier Free: Version 1.3
A simple tool which can lock folders and protect them from unauthorized persons.
Date added:06 Aug 2012

File  Folder Lister 2.1 screenshot
File Folder Lister: Version 2.1
Print files/folders info to m3u, pls, txt, xls, doc, pbr, HTM, HTML files, and 100% FREE.
Date added:19 Dec 2012

Folder Axe 7.0 screenshot
Folder Axe: Version 7.0
Folder Axe was designed for one thing, to help you split your folders!
Date added:15 Sep 2013

Nth Folder Scan 1.0.1
Nth Folder Scan: Version 1.0.1
Calculates cumulative folder sizes, modification dates, and file counts.
Date added:16 Sep 2013

Folder Password Pro 2.7
Folder Password Pro: Version 2.7
Folder Password Pro lets you lock down the data you do not want others to see.
Date added:18 Feb 2014

Wise Folder Hider 1.34 screenshot
Wise Folder Hider: Version 1.34
Easily and quickly hide any file, folder, or important document from others.
Date added:09 Dec 2012

Folder Colorizer 1.7 screenshot
Folder Colorizer: Version 1.7
Folder Colorizer is a small software utility that will give you organization to your folders in a simple but useful way.
Date added:04 Dec 2012

Win7 X Folder 2.1
Win7 X Folder: Version 2.1
Win7 X Folder is a Free File/Folder utility with very simple interface.
Date added:07 Nov 2012

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